Zaleaf Gummies Pack

$129 $230
 2 bottles of Apple 6000mg zaleaf gummies, and 2 jars of Zaleaf 600mg gummies 

Warning:  High dosage gummies are for experienced users only.
Cut 1 gummy into quarters and start with 1/4 to establish individual tolerance.
Each gummy weighs about 8 grams in size and delivers a serious 100mg of blended THC consisting of delta 8, delta 9 and thcp for the ultimate entourage effect experience.
Please allow 45-60 minutes for effect to fully work.  Once the sensation sets in, it may last for 3-6 hours or more. 
Base ingredients:  vegan fruit pectin
Gummies in a jar: 60 gummies
Dosage per gummy: 100mg of blended THC
Container: child resistant, air sealed hard plastic container
Actives: all actives are derived from the L-sativa hemp plant

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