Mind Melt Mushroom Psychedelic Pineapple Sativa Torch THCA Disposable Vape Pen 3.5g

Let the waves of Psychedelic Pineapple wash over you, with the sweet, tropical taste of ripe pineapple infused with a touch of psychedelic magic. It's a flavor journey that's both mind-bending and delicious. Embark on a relaxing journey with Mind Melt. Immerse yourself in 3.5 grams of stress-melting relief, courtesy of our exclusive THC-A and Mushroom Extract blend. Savor the convenience of our 3.5g box device, complete with preheating, for enjoyment on the go.  Type: Sativa Capacity: 3.5g  Blend: Mind Melt Blend  Main Cannabinoids: Mushroom extract Infused with THC-A  Finish: Black Soft Touch  Function: Preheat, Single Button Operation, USB-C ChargingUSBC Rechargeable 
    • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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