Live Rosin Starberry Hybrid Torch THC-A Disposable Vape Pen 2.5g

$29.95 $40
Embark on a cosmic journey with Star Berry, a flavor that blends the sweetness of ripe berries with a hint of celestial magic. Each spoonful is a burst of fruity wonder that will leave your taste buds sparkling with delight. Embark on a journey of disposable hemp delight with our Live Rosin THC-A blend, expertly complemented by the Diamond 2.0 device. Built from the ground up, the Diamond 2.0 boasts three cutting-edge technologies: the Firebug engine, Focus Flow, and Vision+ Display. These innovations effortlessly deliver an unparalleled consistency, flavor, and effects blend. Our potent THC-A Rosin blend elevates your experience with optimal THC-A levels, enriched by Delta 9 and natural terpenes. Explore a specially curated selection of ten flavors designed to provide a rich, full-flavored experience, puff after puff. Experience Live Rosin THC-A and Diamond 2.0. \n \nType: Hybrid \n \nBlend: Live Rosin Blend \n \nMain Cannabinoid: THC-a \n \nActive Cannabinoid: Delta-8 \n \nDevice: Diamond 2.0 \n \nCapacity: 2.5g \n \nType: Disposable \n \nFinish: White Soft Finish  \n \nFunction: Vision+ LED Display, Firebug Engine, Focus Flow, Preheat, Single Button Operation, USB-C Charging \n \n  \n

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