Live Rosin Night Queen Indica Torch THC-A Disposable Vape Pen 2.5g

$29.95 $40
Experience the allure of the night with Night Queen, a flavor that combines dark and decadent coca with a touch of mysterious elegance. This enchanting treat is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Elevate your disposable hemp experience to its peak with our Live Rosin THC-A blend, perfectly complemented by the Diamond 2.0 device. Crafted from the ground up, the Diamond 2.0 incorporates three advanced technologies: the Firebug engine, Focus Flow, and Vision+ Display. These innovations seamlessly deliver a consistent, flavorful, and practical experience. Our potent THC-A Rosin blend enhances your journey with optimal THC-A levels, enriched by Delta 9 and natural terpenes. Explore a curated selection of ten flavors thoughtfully designed to provide a complete and flavorful experience, puff after puff. Discover Live Rosin THC-A and Diamond 2.0. \n \nType: Sativa \n \nBlend: Live Rosin Blend \n \nMain Cannabinoid: THC-a \n \nActive Cannabinoid: Delta-8 \n \nDevice: Diamond 2.0 \n \nCapacity: 2.5g \n \nType: Disposable \n \nFinish: White Soft Finish  \n \nFunction: Vision+ LED Display, Firebug Engine, Focus Flow, Preheat, Single Button Operation, USB-C Charging \n

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