Live Rosin COTTON CANDY RUNTZ INDICA Torch THC-A Disposable Vape 5g

$54.95 $74.95


Immerse yourself in our signature THC-a Live Rosin Blend, where we’ve redefined what it means to elevate your everyday moments. Discover the power of THC-p, providing a heady high, seamlessly blended with the extended effects of THC-a. Delta-8 adds a layer of euphoria, while the soothing touch of CBN contributes to a well-rounded and balanced experience. Our distinct Live Rosin extraction and blending processes have unlocked the true potential of these cannabinoids, creating a full-spectrum vaping experience with full-bodied flavor in every puff. The Diamond 2.0 screen device meets this innovative blend with cutting-edge technology, featuring Firebug engine, Focus Flow, Vision+ Display, single-button operation and USB-C charging capability. Whether you're vibing at a party or just chilling at home, our 5G device is the ultimate sidekick. Perfect for sharing with your crew during a kickback or having a relaxed solo sesh.

Great for everyday use: running errands on a Saturday, late night gaming session, elevating a night out

Device: Diamond 2.0 

Capacity: 5g

Type: Box Style Disposable

Finish: White Soft Finish 

Function: Vision+ LED Display, Firebug Engine, Focus Flow, Preheat, Single Button Operation, USB-C Charging

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