Jeeter Delta-8 THC-A Live Resin Pre Roll – 6 Count Apple and Bananas


The Jeeter Delta-8 THC-A Live Resin Pre-Roll comes with a quantity of 0.5 grams of THC-A per cone which delivers the desired experience. The Pre Roll comes with Kief Coating and comes in a 2-Way Hydration Pack which keeps the humidity away. It comes in a total of 6 rolls and a total of 3 grams. Moreover, it comes in 6 potent strains which are Apples and Bananas (Hybrid) | Blueberry Crusher (Indica) | Cantaloupe Crush (Indica) | Durban Poison (Sativa) | Mango Tango (Hybrid) | Watermelon Runtz (Indica).  BuyDeltas is home to some of that deliver the desired experience

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