Blunts Caviar Sauce Truffleatti Sativa Torch THC-A Infused Pre Rolls 4.4g 2 Count

$20 $30
Elevate your vaping experience with Truffleatti. This flavor offers the perfect fusion of gourmet chocolate truffles and velvety cream, delivering a sophisticated and decadent taste that will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience with pre-rolled Caviar Sauce Blunts, each containing a generous 2.2g of premium THC-A-infused flower. \n \nType: Sativa \n \nCapacity: 2.2g per Blunt \n \nQuantity: 2 Blunts per pack \n \nBlend: Caviar Sauce Blend \n \nMain Cannabinoids: THC-A

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